Event Q Handbook

Event Q Handbook

You’ve heard many PAX say, “F3 is more than just a workout”, and they’re right. Yes, central to F3 is the 1st “F” Fitness, which is a key to living a healthier life. But F3 is much more than a free outdoor gym membership. F3 is a community of total strangers who become acquaintances, then friends, and ultimately shield lock as brothers under one Nation. We brothers do life together, rely on each other, lead one another, serve one another, and ultimately become invigorated to serve others in the community as well.

Similarly, Speed for Need, Inc. is much more than a fitness activity pushing someone else in a racing wheelchair on Saturday mornings. Speed for Need, Inc. is a network of F3 men, who believe F3 is more than just a workout, and carry out that belief by serving those with special needs BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the race. Speed for Need, Inc. is an organization of F3 leaders who not only provide world-class racing experiences to those with special needs, but also strive to create community bonds between F3, the riders and their families, race organizers, local charitable organizations, and total strangers. And in order to accomplish this, what we do through Speed for Need, Inc. must be done with passion and excellence 100% of the time. IT MATTERS.

This handbook is devoted to walking you – the regional Q and/or Event Q – through how to plan, market, and Q a successful Speed for Need, Inc. race. The handbook is intended for use only after your race has been requested and granted full approvals by the Speed for Need, Inc. board. If you are reading this, make sure you or your regional Speed for Need, Inc. Q has already submitted your Race Request Form for approval.


Let’s begin with our four mandatory standards that must be met at each and every Speed for Need, Inc event:

  1. Race Request Form must be submitted by the Speed for Need, Inc. Event Q, with final approvals granted by the Speed for Need, Inc. Board of Directors.
  2. The individual Event Q – who is either the Regional Q or someone appointed by the Regional Q, spearheads individual races.
  3. The Preblast and Backblast are mandatory obligations required for every Speed for Need, Inc. Race. We have a 100% completion rate for every race since Speed for Need, Inc.’s inception. That said, try not to view them as requirements, but rather as three amazing opportunities to lead your F3 brothers, inspire the community, and memorialize the moment for your rider’s family and your region. Here’s what you need to know about each:
    • PREBLAST (PB): The Preblast is the Event Q’s opportunity to kick off his event with a bang. If done right, the Preblast will rally the local PAX (and others) to his cause. How do you do it right? Well every race is different but here are a few suggestions that are going to appeal to everyone’s interest:
      • Start with a brief background on Speed for Need, Inc. – what is our mission?
      • Take a moment to introduce your Track Commander(s). Educate your readers on who this person is, why they are important to the community, what challenge they may be facing (disability or disease) to create awareness, and why we’re so eager to give them this experience.
      • Do the same for your Driver(s). Everyone who posts for a Speed for Need, Inc. event does so because they support our cause, but it’s safe to say our Drivers are heeding an even stronger calling.
      • What is unique about this specific race and why did your region select it to showcase Speed for Need, Inc. and F3?
      • Make sure your PB includes basic details about the race, and how to sign up (always provide a link).
      • Anything else you can come up with to educate the PAX about the importance of the cause. If every F3 PAX showed up to one Speed for Need, Inc. race a year, imagine what a difference that would make. Don’t miss a leadership opportunity by going through the motions of a PB.
    • BACKBLAST (BB): The Backblast is your second opportunity to convey an uplifting message to the PAX, thank the Track Commanders and their families for their participation, reiterate the significance of their service to the cause, etc. The Speed for Need, Inc. BB doesn’t need to be in an F3 BB format (Summary, The Thang, Moleskin, Announcements). You have full creative license to communicate the community impact of the race and what it meant to you. In the past we have included testimonials from TC parents and Drivers. Be creative!
  1. Event Q has the responsibility to coordinate with the scheduled Race Director and ensure the following:
    • Event course meets our Speed for Need, Inc. safety standards (fully-paved, closed off from traffic, wide enough to accommodate race chair). See the Race Request Form for complete list of standards.
    • Speed for Need, Inc. has approval to set up a 12×12 tent close to the start-line or event area as a meeting point for Track Commander fitting and pre-race / post-race preparations.
    • Free race entries for Track Commanders (TC’s must register themselves and sign race waiver)
    • Discount code for F3 runners (best efforts requested)
    • Speed for Need, Inc. logo included among the race shirt sponsors and on the race website (best efforts requested)
    • 2 minute head start (or preferred start time) for racing chair and participating runners. *IT IS NOT IDEAL TO START AT BACK OF RACE* (best efforts requested)


Use this page as a quick-and-easy guide when preparing for, and carrying out your Speed for Need, Inc. event.


  1. Track Commander recruitment and preparations:
    • Must weigh under 200 lbs.
    • Completed Track Commander Informational Form (prior to race day)
    • Signed Track Commander Liability Waiver (signed by parent or guardian if under 18 years of age or if TC cannot complete waiver themselves)
    • Participated in chair fitting prior to scheduled race
    • Met with Driver/Event Q/Regional Q/ or Speed for Need, Inc. Board Member prior to scheduled race
    • TC is given a free Speed for Need, Inc. shirt to wear during race, if they choose
  2. Event Q appointed by Regional Q (can be Regional Q himself)
  3. Race Request Form submitted by Regional Q to Speed for Need, Inc. Board of Directors, and final approval granted
  4. Preblast posted and disseminated to the PAX
  5. Event Q coordination with Race Director. Ensure the following:
    • Event course meets Speed for Need, Inc. safety standards – roads/greenways that are closed off from traffic, fully-paved, wide enough to accommodate race chair
    • Speed for Need, Inc. approved to set up 12’ x 12’ tent at start line or event area
    • Free race entry for Track Commander(s)
    • Discount code for F3 race participants
    • Speed for Need, Inc. logo included on race shirt and website as official race sponsor
    • Driver, TC and participating runners granted two minute head start
  6. Marketing plan: We recommend using all available options – regional newsletter, Twitter, Facebook groups, Slack, Backblasts, COT, etc.
  7. Driver recruitment and preparations:
    • Must be an active F3 Nation PAX
    • Must have attended a prior Speed for Need, Inc. race
    • Is a paid and registered race participant
    • Must have watched Speed for Need, Inc. safety video prior to race
    • Received hands-on training with racing chair prior to scheduled race
  8. Arrange for racing chair(s) pick-up from racing chair storage location


  1. Event Q and Driver(s) arrive at event site at least 75 minutes prior to start. Likely arrival will be based on the time race director allows vendors to setup
  2. Track Commander(s) arrives at event site at least 45 minutes prior to start
  3. Speed for Need, Inc. tent assembled on-site near the start line or event area as designated by race director
  4. Chair safety specifications tested prior to the race to ALL participating chairs:
    • Safety leash attached to the chair frame (must be worn around driver wrist at all times during race)
    • All road tires filled to 110 PSI and fat-wheels to 20 PSI
    • Disc-Brake tested for defects
    • Handlebars tightened in two spots (to frame for height, and TT bars for angle)
    • All three wheel pins fully-inserted and locked into frames
    • Multi-tool and mobile phone in the safety bag attached to the handlebars of the racing chair
  5. Handlebars fitted to height of the Driver
  6. Track Commander strapped in securely (shoulder straps and waist strap, as necessary)
  7. Group photos and video recorded pre-race, during the race, post-race
  8. Track Commander awarded Speed for Need, Inc. race medal in addition to specific race medal (if available)


  1. Backblast posted and disseminated to the PAX and the Track Commander(s)
  2. Contact Track Commander and family thanking them for participation
  3. Arrange for racing chair(s) return to same location as pick-up or to next Event Q