Race #5 is in the Books

Race #5 in the books, and oh how special it was! First time where all 4 of our racing chairs were rollin’ side by side in the St Anne’s Nun Run 5K hosted by F3 Nation’s Rock Hill Region. These kids had such a blast, and all of us were so honored to be a part of the...

2 Races In One Day

2 Races in 1 day?!?!?! Yup… Our F3 Nation brothers in Hickory, NC gave two of the sweetest Track Commanders a thrilling ride at SFN Race #4 the Hickory Christian Academy 5K.  The excitement in their faces tell it all!

Green and Red Debut at Greek Fest 5K

You’re in luck! Here is the latest and greatest event video from SFN Race #3 the GreekFest 5K this past Saturday 8/26/2017 where our GREEN and RED Team Hoyt Racing Chairs were in action for their debut race.

5th Annual F3 Dads Camp

WHAT FUN! SPEED FOR NEED made a visit to the 5th Annual F3 Dads Camp at YMCA Camp Thunderbird on 8/12/2017 where kids and dads got a chance to experience what being a Track Commander or Driver felt like with our fleet of four racing chairs. Check it out!

Concord Streetlight 5K

What a quick turnaround! SPEED FOR NEED Race #2 is in the books as of Friday 7/7/2017… Check out the video for the Concord Streetlight 5k hosted by F3 Nation’s MECA Region. AWESOME work to everyone involved!

Speed for Need’s Inaugural Race

Check out our event video from our Inaugural race, the American 4-miler held on Independence Day 7/4/2017.  It is well worth the ~5 minutes to see what we are up to… changing communities and lives.